My role playing characters

The story.

King Franklin ruled over many lands when he was young, useing his demonic powers to take down his evil foes, for he claimed to be a "Good" Demon. He ruled for many long and loanly years, bringing peace to the lands he ruled. Then one day out of the blue, a young queen decended from the heaven's and came to the loanly king, from the moment he saw Selenity he knew she must be his. He asked for her hand in marrage, and she happily agreed. After only one month of marrage, Selenity became pregnant with there first child. King Franklin wanted a male heir so bad, but when little Rin came into the world, he was just as pleased. But still hoped for a male heir someday. Five years passed, Selenity became pregnant agian this time with beautiful Twins. Serenity and Ezmarella. Though with there births came a great curse bestowed upon them, which made the girls sickly in there younger years, Serenity was so sickly in fact that she had to go live with healers to become better. After the twins, Melody was born. She was so adventrous that she couldn't stay in one place for to long, always wanting to see the world, wich in later years reaked havoc unpon her when she was bitten by a vampire. After Melody came sweet Lilly. She mostly kept to herself, but when she encounters people she is very plesent. Then last but not least, the baby of the family was born, Violet. Selenity had such trouble douring child birth that when she deleaverd Violet, she only held her for a moment before she died, going back into the heavens. King Franklin was so upset that he turned his kingdom around, killing innocents, and turning into an evil demon himself, influencing his young doughters for the worst. Until the night he took his own life to be with his bride, though the gods now looked down upon him, and sent him to hell, where he would take over and rule, never to see Selenity agian. From then on, Rin took over as queen, she was 17 years old when she was placed on the throne, and tried with all her might to influence the girls to lead peaceful lives, and also try and rebuild the broken kingdom.

Rin married a king, and soon became pregnant with her first child, and the sisters all fallowed suite, all of them falling in love one way or another, and having their own children. and their children grew up, only to be forced into another war, which killed many of the children, parents, and friends, what children were left, fell inlove, and had children of their own, two of which who were taken away before they could even know who they truely were, but would later find out. And this is the story of their lives.