My role playing characters

Shasta Oliver

Some info



Likes-The boys, takeing pictures.

Family-Mother and Father

Quote- "When people say "Oh you just want your cake and eat it too". Well, what good is a bloody cake you can't eat? What should I eat, someone else's cake instead? "


Shasta was born into extream wealth, she does enjoy it, but she would take her parents love over money any day. She was an only child, or as her parents once explaind, an "Opps!" All her life, Shasta had done well in school, graduated early, and turned down an offer to a very high class collage, She just wants to go out into the world and learn new things, and actually have fun for once. Once she gets out into the world, moving into a shabby apartment building, she soon realises that life isn't all it was cracked up to be, but she promised she would get through it, it would be the only way she could really find her true self.

(Leaving this one open as well.)