My role playing characters


Some info

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Race: Half demon, half angel.

Quote: "I have seen thine eyes, better then any seeing man, and what I have seen in you're eyes, shows me you're soul. And that is why you must die."


Shadow is a close cousin to the sisters Oskida, and would do anything to protect the family. When she was young, her family was murdered, and she was taken by her familys killers. She endured many years of torture, even loosing her eyes. When she finally escaped her captors, she was found by Ezmarella, who took her under her wing, knowing she was from the family line, and tought her much, for Ezmarella already had a blinde daughter, and both girls would prove strong. And as a promise, Ezmarella told her, that if she would kill the person who took her eyes, her eyes would come back to her, and she would once again see.