My role playing characters

Rin Oskida

Just some things you need to know.

Age- 19

Race- Human/or other, depending on the Rp.

Family-Father and many sisters.

Likes-Friendly people, and helping her family out.

Quote- "What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


 On a beautiful spring morning Rin was born to the king and queen of a peacefull land. She was often referred to as their blessed child, the one who could  do absolutely  no wrong. When Rin was five her mother gave birth to a set of twins, Serenity and Ezmarella. Serenity was beautiful and bright just like Rin , but was often sick and was sent to live with some healers during  most of Rin's life. However, Ezmarella was diffrent from her twin sister Ezmarella having a darkness about her and it was told that the twins themselves were ying and yang, cursed from the day they were concevied. A year after the twins were born there came another child, then another, but Rin spent most of her time with Ezmarella, who badly needed someone to be there for her. She was also sickly, just not as bad as Serenity. Because of the aura surrounding little Ezmarella, most people avoided her, including her own father. Then one day, Rin's mother died in child birth, the baby was saved, but her father grew bitter, raging wars and killing innocent people in spite. He was a great king at one time, but the coldness inside him led to his untimely death. It would leave Rin, the oldest daughter, to become one of the first Queens at a very young age. She helped raise her sisters, teaching them all she could, hoping her good values would bring them happiness in their future.