My role playing characters

Lilly Bourn

Some info


Age-Looks to be 17

Likes-Most of the time, she loves to be in nature.

Family- Many sisters.And her son Ticoah

Quote-“I've written songs in the dark, I've felt inspired in the dark, I hide myself in the dark, Used to be afraid of the dark,Those in the light know we die in the dark. There's only artificial light, My flaws hide well here, I used to be afraid of cluttered noises. Now I'm afraid of silence"


Lilly was born into the world to being one of many sister, and like them all, she went to live with them in the same castle. She is by far one of the more powerful sisters, though she would never show it unless she absolutly needed too. One day, out of boredom when cupid was making his spring visits, Lilly met Larkx, one of the most powerful contengo's of the kings. Immiditly they were drawn together, falling in love quickly, and having a child.

Meet the Father.

One of my dearest friends, and also someone I Role play with on a regular basis. He has helped me create my stories. And here is his site. Check him out.