My role playing characters

Ida Abendroth

Some Info.

Race- Human

Age- 21

Family- All dead.

Quote- "Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon."


 Ida Abendroth was born in Germany into a large family. She dreamed of becoming an artist, but once the war broke out, her country had other plans for her. She became a nurse. At first she hated the job,  the blood, and the last cries from soldiers she could not save. But after a few years it made her stronger and made her a better nurse. She became the head nurse in the company she was attached to. But that is just the story that she tells anyone. According to her diary..Ida isn't even her real name.

(Leaving this one open. BUT! Just somthing you may need to know.)

Just because she is a nurse, doesn't mean she's some sexual fantasy character! Keep that in mind before you contact me!!!