My role playing characters

Grace Akita

Basic Info.

Age- 21

Family- None.

Likes- Talking, giving orders, drinking coffee.

Quote-"I left his arms empty and tied out, Stretched for me until he died.
No man shows greater love, than when a man lays down his life for his beloved."


Grace use to be a Soldier when the world was pretty much distroied. She was right along with her beloved, the man whome she planned to marry as soon as there time was done. But Dean ended up dieing a few years before there were supposed to be done. He died saveing her life, so in his memory, Grace set out and became one of the best Soldiers USA had ever had, from there she became the system operater for New US. She was stationed on one of the many docking station of the SS. Gloriea. She normally keeps to herself when she works but when a social situation occures, she doesn't run away.