My role playing characters

Ezmarella Zella

Modern Ezmarella.

Just some info you might need to know.

Race- Grim/Mage

Family-Some sisters, and her son Colby (Even though he will most likly never be in any of the Rp's.)

Age: Unknown. (Or depending on the Era)

Quote: Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.


Ezmarella Zella also known as Zella, or Ezma was born  to a great and powerful king. And wonderful and blessed mother, but not only her, her and her twin sister. Though they are compleat oppisites, being nick named Ying and Yang at birth. Though at birth, the twin girls were crused, one for good, one for bad, And Serenity became sickly, being sent off to live with healers.Leaveing Ezmarella alone, to be byherself, or so she thought, until Rin taken her under her wing, raising her to be a proud and strong woman. Though deep inside, Ezmarella's blood boiled. And the when everything seemed like it would be alright for her, she was went to live with her sister Rin, whome was married to a Demonic king, from there, she met and grew to hate one of the kings right hand men, Number 7. To get back at him for causing so much havoc, she slept with him, and became pregnant with her first child, Bice. After Bice she and 7 went at it agian, having a set of twins, Lillith and Colby, though no one would ever know that they were twins, or that Colby exists. For his safty.

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(( Edited by Colby Fraust ))