My role playing characters


Age: 17

Era: Modern

Quote: "Uh...You didn't see that...What do you mean I just ran into a wall? Seriously...You are seeing things."

Mood: Sweet and sour.

Race: Human or other.

Julia is a sweet girl with good morals. Although clumsy, she has been told she's light on her feet. Good humor and singing makes this girl tick, but don't hold your breath, she is quick to get angry and even easier to depress, though she hides that by running away from her problems to find a sacluded place to cry. Or by beating the person who made her upset. She was born into a wealthy family who was very tough on her, when her mom died, her dad became even more tough, throwing her into studies and music, saying she would need to know all of this if she wanted to make a good wife some day, or no one would want her.


Age: 20 (Or so.)

Era: Any

Quote: "All is fair in love and games...What's that suppoed to mean? Does that mean there are going to be games?!" :D

Mood: Happy, and often confused.

Race: Human (Or half angel)

A child at heart Tia can be extreamly irritating, though she is very kind and loving by nature. She tries to help anyone who would need it, even if they don't ask. She can be very presistant, though its only out of the kindness of her heart. When in doubt she preys, to the stars. Most people call her silly for it, but she beleaves that the stars are there for more then just looking at, that they are there to guide thoes who lost there way, spiritually, and directions alike. Being the younger sister or Vashlyn is a lot for her to live up to, she is always trying to inpress her, by showing her how strong she has become, though Vashlyn never stays long, and tells her little sister to keep working on it.


Age: 24 (Or so)

Era: Any

Quote: "Is that supposed to impress me, or help me fall asleep?"

Mood: Cocky, bored.

Race: Human (Or Half angel)

Always bored, she searches for something to do with her time, when she's not visiting her little sister. Tia and Vashlyn coudln't be more oppisite. Tia being happy go lucky, and Vashlyn being so calm and bored. Vashlyn had to grow up fast to raise he little sister when there parents died, though she never complained, she let her little sister be young, and when Tia was old enough, Vashlyn left her to grow up the rest of the way, and expierience the world for herself. It was a two way street for her, she too had a lot of expieriencing to do.


Age: Unknown

Era: Ye' Olden day's. (lol)

Quote: "I'm not shocked you feel that way, Beleave me, everyone loves me. I am perfection you know."

Mood: Cocky, Vein, silly.

Race: Human

Liona loves to lead everyone on, girl or boy. She doesn't care, as long as she can get close enough to play mind games, she does. She enjoys the feeling of someone elses confusion and short misery. With girls, she likes to make them feel like a daisy compared to the most unique and beautiful rose. And for men, she loves to lead them on to pretend she's intrested, only to crush them time and time again. Maybe its due to her past heartbreak?